Tuesday, October 25, 2005


I got this from an e-mail:

1) garcify
a) to distort results
b) to cheat in an election

Used in a sentence: "The president was unable to evade allegations that she garcified her way to the highest office in the land." Or, "There are claims that the Philippines has become irreversibly garcified, claims which are becoming increasingly difficult to refute."

2) norberse
a) to be purposely obtuse
b) to obfuscate in an attempt to hide the truth

Used in a sentence: "The official remained norberse all through the hearing, leading many to think he was clumsily trying to protect someone." Or, "There is no truth to the claim that norbersity can be cured through the slow ingestion of potassium-laden bananas."

3) miriamphony
a) a verbose and lilting discourse during which the speaker drifts in and out of reality

Used in a sentence: "The senator perorated in the expected miriamphony as she once again sought to prove to all and sundry that she was not insane." Or "Her miriamphony fooled no one - she swiftly erased all remaining doubts about the state of her reason with her diatribe."

4) nogralese
a) manner of political discourse in which a speaker pretends to agree with one side for as long as they are useful to him.

Used in a sentence: "Day after day, the congressman mollified his opponents with his smooth and unctuous nogralese, catching the unwary by surprise when he later removed them from their posts." Or, "Even his friends begin to flee to remote locations once he starts spouting his nogralese."

5) joedevivre
a) a lifestyle which is devoted to always attempting to please others and never having to choose between right and wrong

Used in a sentence: "His joedevivre caused his eventual downfall, as the electorate finally saw him for what he truly was." Or, "His joedevivre forced him to consistently refuse to play a simple game of chess, because there are no gray areas on a chess board."

6) dequirose
a) having a Quixotic bent
b) used to describe one who is constantly vilified by critics for his insistence that all public officials must be held accountable, regardless of which sector of society they belong to or who they are connected to.

Used in a sentence: "Despite virulent ad hominem attacks, the writer remained dequirose, steadfast in his convictions."

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Call for Innovative Ideas to Promote Development with Equity

In the Philippines, many are excluded from social and economic development because of their disadvantage in terms of income, assets and opportunities. Thus, the need for "Development with Equity", which means reducing inequality in order to provide greater opportunities to those with the least resources. Beyond income distribution, "Development with Equity" is also about greater access to services, infrastructure, power, influence and participation.

Panibagong Paraan (the Philippine Development Innovation Marketplace) is a multi-partner program that encourages and supports innovative ideas to promote "Development with Equity" in the Philippines. The program has two competitions:

Expression of Ideas Competition
Share your views on bringing about "Development with Equity"! Entries may be submitted in the form of policy proposals, essays, poetry, art work, song compositions, or multimedia presentations. Guidelines for the Expressions of Interest Competition will be announced later by the Panibagong Paraan 2006 Secretariat.

Project Grants Competition
Put your ideas to action! We are looking for innovative projects that address specific inequity issues. Winners will be provided grant funds of up to PhP1 million, to implement their projects over a one-year period. Guidelines for the Project Grants Competition are described below:

Who can apply?

* People's organizations, including community-based groups, sectoral associations and cooperatives
* Non-government organizations, foundations, civic organizations, faith-based and inter-faith organizations, and other civil society organizations (CSOs)
* Private and public research and academic institutions, in partnership with people's organizations or CSOs
* 5th and 6th class municipal LGUs (including barangays therein), in partnership with local people's organizations or CSOs

Panibagong Paraan 2004 and Global Development Marketplace winners are eligible to apply provided the proposed project is different from the previously-awarded project.

Categories (Equity issues to be addressed):

* Increasing incomes/income opportunities
* Improving access to social services, infrastructure and utilities (e.g., energy)
* Improving access to/control of land and other assets
* Improving access to/ensuring fairness in market and financial structures and systems
* Strengthening participation in decision-making (voice and influence)
* Improving access to/ensuring fairness in political and justice systems

Special award categories:

* Advocacy or Policy/Action Research on Population and Development
* Basic Infrastructure and Equipment for Education or Health

Target Groups:

* Indigenous peoples
* Women, men , and youth in difficult or disadvantaged situations
* Elderly
* Children
* Persons with disabilities
* People living with HIV/AIDS
* Commercial sex workers
* Farmers and fisherfolk
* Formal and informal laborers, migrant workers
* Communities in remote areas or that are usual victims of disaster

Project ideas will be judged on the basis of: Innovation, Scalability and Replicability, and Potential Impact.

Initial proposals should be in the form of a brief concept paper (maximum of four pages). A multi-sectoral technical working group will evaluate eligible concept papers.

Deadline for submission: November 30, 2005

Concept papers must be submitted with one or two reference documents (e.g., SEC registration, certification from the local government unit, accreditation with a regulatory agency) establishing proof of the organization's identity. Concept papers in English, Filipino or other major Philippine languages can be sent by mail or hand-delivered to:

Panibagong Paraan 2006 Secretariat
23/F Taipan Place, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, 1605 Pasig City

Finalists will be notified in February 2006 and will be asked to submit full proposals by April 2006. Finalists will be invited to participate in an Exhibit and Social Policy Forum to be held in May 2006 (details to be announced later). A board of distinguished jurors will determine the winners.

For further information, contact the Panibagong Paraan 2006 Secretariat at telephone numbers 917-3047 or 637-5855 local 3047.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Fiction magazine launching

Come to the STORY PHILIPPINES launch--Friday, October 14 at 6 pm onwards, A DIFFERENT BOOKSTORE, EASTWOOD City, Libis, QC. The launch is part of a Book Fair hosted by A Different Bookstore. The event will also feature a poetry reading by poet Marjorie Evasco and others. Be there and buy a copy of Story Philippines and get a chance to snag a shopping spree at A DIFFERENT BOOKSTORE.

STORY PHILIPPINES is the first magazine of its kind in the country. It offers the Filipino reader the most entertaining and interesting new short fiction by Filipino writers, presented in an intriguing tabloid format that boasts cutting edge design, illustration and photography.

The maiden issue features 7 new Philippine stories: a moving story of love, illness and death ("Losing Mac")by the famed Gilda Cordero- Fernando, an account of a healer "dwende" and his psychic handler ("The Life and Loves of Doc Dwende") by Sarge Lacuesta, and a stunning tale of a town blighted by a tragic curse ("Natakdan"), by David Hontiveros, among others.

The maiden issue of STORY PHILIPPINES is already in bookstores and newsstands around the metro.