Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Imelda Marcos musical

Some of you might be interested to check out the songs on the Imelda Marcos musical "Here Lies Love" by David Byrne and Fatboy Slim. I found out the songs are all freely available on Spotify. For those not familiar with the show (which is now currently playing in London), this is the musical for which Mark Bautista temporarily left Philippine show business in order to play Ferdinand Marcos.

The all-song musical has gotten rather good reviews both in New York and London (read the New York Times, The Telegraph and The Hollywood Reporter). Check out the songs Here Lies Love, Every Drop of Rain, Pretty Face, and When She Passed By.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Essay writing contest for college and high school students

A. Eligibility
Essay Contest Rules on Overseas Filipinos

This contest is open to all Filipino students or of Filipino descent who are studying in the Philippines or overseas, ages 10 to 25 years old who are currently enrolled in high school and college.

B. Theme
The theme of the essay is “The Overseas Filipinos and their impact in the Philippines.”
The essay should focus on:
  1. The contributions of overseas Filipinos to the economy of the Philippines. The importance of the participation of overseas Filipinos in the Philippine elections.
  2. What are the social risks that the children and families of overseas Filipinos face due to long years of separation or long distance relationships?
  3. Why are the overseas Filipinos called to be the “new heroes” of the Philippines? Please describe the traits of overseas Filipinos which make them unique as global immigrants and Overseas Filipino Workers.
Contestants are encouraged to read books, publications, and the Internet on various articles regarding the theme.

C. Content and Format
  1. It must be original;
  2. It must not be previously published in print or online nor in any visual and/or auditory recording; and
  3. The essay must not be more than 1,500 typed words in English and in MS word format. It should be submitted by email only.
D. Submission
  1. Every student entry must contain the confirmation of the School Principal, College/University Dean or President that the essay is written by and originated from the student. (Click here to download the Official Entry Form)
Only one entry per person will be accepted and limited to one author. The entry must have the following:
A. Title Page which includes the Name, Date and Place of Birth; Email address if applicable. B. The Essay
C. Entry Form which is available at www.uspgg.orgD. Parental Consent, Authorization and Liability Waiver Form (for minor student)
E. Student Consent, Authorization and Liability Waiver Form (for adult student)
2. Entry will be submitted as attachments via email to with the Subject:
3. Only valid entries (completion and submission of Entry Form and Essay) will be accepted and reviewed. Submissions will be open from December 31, 2014 to February 1, 2015. Applicants will receive an acknowledgment of submission by email. Late and incomplete entries will be disqualified.

E. Criteria for Judging
  1. A panel of judges, selected by the US Pinoys for Good Governance (USP4GG) Ad Hoc Committee for Essay Contest on Overseas Filipinos, will make the final decision.
  2. The following criteria for judging are as follows: Substance – 60% * Writing style/Composition/Organization – 40%
F. Awards and Prizes
The winning essays will be announced in the newspapers and at USP4GG website by February 15, 2015. Winners will be notified by email. Awards ceremony will be held during the Third Global Summit of Filipinos in the Diaspora on February 26, 2015, at Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines. The winners will be awarded a Certificate of Recognition and cash prizes in the different categories as follows:

High School:
  • First Prize – P12,000.00
  • Second Prize – P6,000.00
  • Third Prize -P 3,000.00
  • First Prize – P25,000.00
  • Second Prize – P12,000.00
  • Third Prize – P6,000.00
There will be 10 Consolation Prizes of P1,000.00 each and a Certificate of Appreciation. Winners under this category do not need to be in the awards ceremony.

The school/college/university of the First Prize winning essays will receive a Certificate of Appreciation and a cash prize of P10,000.00 each.

Expenses to be incurred in attending the awards ceremony such as transportation, food and lodging will be the winner’s responsibility. Winners will be contacted for the details of the awards ceremony. Winners who will not be able to attend the awards ceremony will be notified by email on how to claim the prizes.

G. Others
1. The USP4GG may use or publish in part or in whole the essays submitted by the applicants consistent with its mandate and objectives.

F. Signature of the School Principal, College or University President or Dean, address, email address and telephone number to authenticate the student entry.

Please direct any questions or inquiries regarding this contest to:

Dr. Celia Lamkin, Ad Hoc Committee Chairperson, USP4GG Essay Contest on Overseas Filipinos

Charmaine Calamiong, Secretariat, USP4GG Essay Contest on Overseas Filipinos
Telephone Number: (+ 632) 899-7938 or (632) 899-7939 * Fax Number: (632) 899 -2426
Norman Silvestre, Assistant Secretariat, USP4GG Essay Contest on Overseas Filipinos
Cellphone Number: (+ 63) 927-223-6804 * E-mail: