Saturday, May 14, 2011

BU Gubat Scholarship Qualifiers

A week ago, the municipality's scholarship committee conducted examinations among those accepted enrollees of the Gubat Campus of the Bicol University to determine who can qualify for the thirty scholarship grants to be made by the municipality. The selection of the scholarship grantees is based on their combined municipal exam and BU entrance exam scores. The top thirty in the combined scores automatically qualify for the scholarship grant of the municipality, subject to the condition that they are able to meet the other requirements as to family income, average grade of 85% in high school, etc.

Pending their submission of the requirements to the Office of the Mayor, the students in the list here are our first batch of scholarship grantees. If you see your name on the list, please coordinate with Mr. Agerico Barcebal or Ms. Grace Escurel for the submission of the requirements.

TO know the requirements, and to read the other details about this scholarship project of the municipality, please read the complete implementing guidelines.