Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Song of the moment
Currently listening to Jiang Jun by Zhou Jie Lun (the music video’s cool too):

The tip of time all pointing towards you, losing the place to which you will return,
You will advance but in the end you still have to get used to surrendering
The results have been determined, the 6th step will be your greatest mistake,
I restrain from making any movement, used to plotting in silence
First hand with a cannon is just a polite gesture
Horse acting as a screen, remaining calm so that I can overcome strength with gentleness

This bloodless battle will only have the pride wounded
The rules of winner and loser is no different from the reality,

Watch me, my fingers relaxed, my eyes sharp as a dragon, treat the enemy as invisible
Having endless strategies, my attack swift as the wind, with a single chariot running over your dispirited face

Facing the tides, I am deducing what is overcoming movement with inactivity, wondering if the mist in the woods can be a smokescreen

In the end, my plot will succeed and you will give up defending,
I looked up into the sunset, your head lowered leaving the scene in silence
Listening to me as I talk about success and failure is common, you don’t have to take it to heart, because I am only fitted to be the one and only.

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