Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Women against Hillary

Hillary Clinton has always tried to project herself as the champion of women. She has ads with her mother and daughter, she appears most often with women in discussions, when she got clubbered in the debate she sought solace at Wellesley College complaining that the men are piling up on her. But in Iowa it is said the women went for Obama instead. (One reason I guess is the attraction to Obama by some women like Youtube's Obama girl.) Why do some women not like, even loathe, Hillary Clinton?

Many years ago, I met a Chinese American lady who was denouncing Hillary Clinton so vehemently one would think Clinton was guilty of murder or some unspeakable heinous crime. Clinton, she said, is so ambitious and doesn't know where her proper place should be.

In the now infamous video footage one septuagenarian woman also asked John McCain "How do we beat the bitch?" McCain didn't ask back who was the bitch the old lady was referring to but just laughed. Watching that video, I couldn't help but think how could women be so cruel to other women. Perhaps women didn't so much need to be free from the tyranny of men as they need to be free from the vile opinion of their very own sex.

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