Friday, March 05, 2004

Forging unity
It has often been pointed out by FPJ (and was duly echoed by his supporters) that political debates are unnecesssary because they only heighten the divisiveness of the nation by the candidates' differing positions. Inspired by this political wisdom from the FPJ camp, I have come up with more suggestions, patriotic that I am, on how to further unite the country:

1) Pass a law banning debates. Repeat after FPJ: debates divide the country, debates divide the country...

2) Since clamor for debates heats up during elections, we must consider banning elections altogether, or at least limiting elections to some indispensable positions.

3) Before the country can be united, our officials should be united first.

The legislative debates in our Congress are a gross manifestation of our country's divisiveness. New rules for our Congress therefore must be promulgated to see to it that our legislators are as polite to each other as possible. Differences must be aired not in the sesssion hall, but through staff.

4) Have the Department of Education pass a memorandum requiring the recitation of Isang Bansa, Isang Diwa right after the flag ceremonies in every school.

5) Let us shift to monarchy. In monarchies, the people are united behind the king, because the king, the sovereign, is the people. In a monarchy there is no room for crass debates.

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