Saturday, September 04, 2004

Euro pudding
It's really late now, but I feel compelled to write something about a movie I just saw that really made my day: L'Auberge Espagnole or, literally translated, The Spanish Apartment. The movie is about the coming of age of Xavier, a young Parisian who, prodded by his father, decided to study economics in Barcelona to further his career prospects at home. During his one-year stay in Spain, he shared an apartment with other students: Wendy from Britain ; Tobias from Germany; Lars from Denmark; Soledad from Spain; Alessandro from Italy; and Isabelle from Belgium. The movie is one big advertisement for the European Union, I know, but it is also one of those that pleasantly capitalize on the nostalgia for youth (like Reality Bites during the 90s) : the immature practice of breaking up over the phone, finding yourself gorging on MTV during times of great crisis, spending the night with your friends dancing in the club and then afterwards singing No Woman, No Cry on the way home....

The movie also has its funny moments: Xavier getting lessons on making out with a girl from his lesbian housemate, the scene when Wendy almost got caught by his visiting boyfriend in bed with another guy.... The Washington Post in its review of the movie has this to say:

In its broad embrace it also appeals to those members of the audience who merely remember what it was like to be young and foolish and frustrated and full of beans. In case you've forgotten, "L'Auberge" will remind you.

Yes, it does remind you. And it is always nice remembering.

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