Saturday, July 09, 2005

A house divided

I'm currently listening to Mayor Atienza and Congressman Andaya score the Liberal Party's volte-face. Congressman Andaya said that the Liberal Party was the first to go to Malacanang to express its support to the President . It is unbecoming for the Liberal Party to abandon its position simply because the clouds looked darker than before. Mayor Atienza said he, as chairman of the party, was not even invited. Mike Defensor who was present in the meeting that decided the volte-face, was there as a gate-crasher, not as an invitee.

Mayor Atienza was rather lively and spirited in denouncing what he called an undemocratic decision-making process that some of his colleagues at the Liberal party undertook. He reminded the people that LP stands for Liberal Party, not LL for Lipat-Lipat.

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