Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The rise (and still unabated) fall of Dinky Soliman

As if Dinky Soliman hasn't embarrassed herself enough already, here's this Inquirer news of her eagerly offering to snitch on her former boss. President Arroyo must be seriously regretting now her ever yielding to Dinky Soliman's tears to maintain the DSWD portfolio, especially in light of Noli De Castro's hitherto intransigent loyalty.

I can understand the label "traitor" especially as it applies to Ms Soliman. She, after all, led in the mawkish singing of "If We Hold on Together," (a rather dreadful song fit only to be sung at veterans' reunions and mahjong associations) and it took only, what, five short days, for her to break hold. People would probably have been more kind to Ms Soliman had she simply resigned and issued a press release stating her principles. But no, she had to make political capital out of it and announce to the whole country how clean and how principled she is --perhaps to ease her re-joining the civil society again.

I can understand why Butch Abad needs that press conference to announce his formal breaking of ties with the Arroyo administration. Abad is a politician and a politician can only do good to a society via a public office. A calculation of the political weather vane is essential for the survival of a politician if he is to do good to his country. But Ms Soliman is not a politician. She need not appear heroic to gain public office or popular acclaim. She could easily work anonymously and join civil society once again without the need for much grandstanding or, as is the wont of our politicians, shoulder-patting. Oh well, what can we do, if you hang around with dogs, don't expect not to learn how to lick your balls. And from the odiousness of such practice, Ms Soliman, no hair highlight can save you.

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