Thursday, May 10, 2007

Where does Pichay get all his money?

Given the extraordinary insouciance Congressman Pichay regards his humungous campaign expenditures, one would think he has a magical tree back in Surigao which sprouts foliar cash.

The group Pera’t Pulitika claims that Pichay had already spent P151.7 million, while Villar had spent P138.2 million, both exceeding the P135 million ceiling. When confronted with the inconvenient fact that despite his being the biggest spender so far he's still out of the magic 12 circle in polls, Pichay pertly answers that all he needs is more time and more cash for ads and he'll surely get there by the time the voting precincts call it a a day.

Now, nothing surprising about Villar being a big spender; he is, after all, one of the country's business tycoons. But Pichay? What with the lowly price pechay is fetching these days in the market, the money surely couldn't have come out of the mere tilling of the land. According to this Newsbreak report, Pichay, whose total assets only amount to some P33 million, has the enviable good fortune of having rich and generous friends like Lucio Co, whose touch, it is said, turns everyhting into pure gold.

We'll see in a month's time if Pichay and his friends' investment pay off. If he wins, the Filipino people would have confirmed their fondness for the vegetable; if he loses, well, you know what they say, a fool is soon parted with his money.


Anonymous said...

"...if he loses, well, you know what they say, a fool is soon parted with his money."

granting that the money is actually his or his benefactor's to spend, then pichay (and benefactor/s) do play the fool. but it is very likely that what pichay has been spending is people's money. so whether pichay wins or not, once again it's the people who have been fooled.

Ronnel said...

Well, in a democracy the people always get floored and often willingly. But you know, Senator Pichay wouldn't be so bad. He is going to abolish the Senate and will probably be quite entertaining attenpting to do just that.

Ang problema lang pag naitanim na sya, exactly how do you uproot a pechay?

Anonymous said...

you simply rip off its head.. ;-)