Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Quisumbing family feud

While many people are enthralled by the Bektas v Bektas TV extravaganza, there is an ongoing family feud that is far more compelling and visceral down in Cebu. Instead of husband and wife at each other's throat (which is annoyingly common nowadays), the Quisumbing family feud features son versus parents.

Here's the story: Norberto Wenceslao Jesus B. Quisumbing III is the son of Norberto B. Quisumbing Jr. and Britta B. Quisumbing. In the 1980's, he assumed the leadership of the then debt-ridden Norkis Group of Companies and successfully engineered the rehabilitation of the family business. He was however disowned by his parents when he underwent a sex change operation and subsequently got married. He was booted out as president and CEO, and his shares of stocks apparently taken away from him (now her).

Mediation has failed, as Business World reports here and Wesy Quisumbing is now pursuing the cases he filed against his parents, which involve 900 million in damages, claims and inheritance.


Anonymous said...

buti pa ang mayaman, sa kalibugan palit ng sex organ, nag-aaway pa sa yaman. ang mahirap walang tubig panghugas sa sex organ dahil mahal ang tubig at hindi alam kung ano ang kayamanan. magbigay kaya kayo ng inyong yaman sa salat at walang makain ng makatikim naman sila ng hapunan at mabawasan ang inyong mga kasalanan. anything that go against the natural law is intrinsically evil. it is evil in the beginning and forever and anything evil is sinful.

anton joaquin said...

It seems not too long ago when we were all studying under the heat of the Quonset Huts at Ateneo Padre Faura just a few years after the war ended. Totsi was already a colorful individual and popular among the ladies. He was also a tough guy as evidenced by friends who went around with him at the time. I used to date Punte younger sister of Britta and who is now a doctor of laws. I enjoyed Totsi and his sister Bing who married Danding Taylor.

Anonymous said...

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