Saturday, June 02, 2007

Senator Salonga on the JPEPA

Last Thursday, we paid a visit to Senator Salonga at his residence to ask his opinion about the side agreement that was signed by Philippine Foreign Affairs Secretary Romulo and Japanese Foreign Minister Aso during President Arroyo's visit in Japan. We were concerned that by virtue of the so-called side agreement allies of President Arroyo may be able to railroad the ratification of the treaty during the last session days of the 13th Congress Senate to avoid the opposition senators that will be ushered in by the 14th Congress.

Senator Salonga is inclined to believe that such a side agreement would be insufficient to cure the defects of the treaty with regard to its provisions on the export of Japanese waste to the Philippines. He also said that the internal dynamics of the Senate, notwithstanding the commitment of Senator Miriam Santiago as Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman to see the treaty ratified, preclude a hasty approval of the treaty given the weighty issues leveled against it. The People's Journal has a brief report of our meeting with Senator Salonga.

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Bonn Juego said...

Thanks to this breather from Senator Jovito Salonga. A good news indeed!

Now, whoever says that neo-liberal globalisation - and the bilateral treaties/agreements such as JPEPA that come with it - is irreversible?! The nation-state remains the point of concentration of capital; and as such it remains the arena where we could effectively challenge any attempts to establish the hegemony of the market/capital over our lives.

But then again, vigilance must be perpetual in the task of establishing democratic control over the market.