Friday, November 07, 2008

Dos Palmas in Batangas

Dos Palmas, that resort of the Abu Sayaff kidnapping fame, is now operating a resort in Isla Verde, Batangas. It's quite a nice place and there are still very few people. The resort is still sort of on trial mode (soft launching was four months ago) so some amenities are not yet available, but, guests can snorkel and dive all they want. During the weekdays we were there, we had the place all to ourselves. The people are very friendly and the assistant cook (from Camarines Sur)was a wild dancer.


mgrozman said...

nice view... you should try nasugbu and lobo

Anonymous said...

Hi! saw this blog and I just can't help but adore the pictures..Can you please send me the official site of this resort or at least some details?,email me at and God bless!

Ronnel Lim said...

a few months after we wnet here, i heard the resort closed. sorry.