Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Schedule of 4P's payout

After a long wait, finally, the 4P's conditional cash transfer benificiaries in the Municipality are going to receive their first payout. Here is the schedule of the distribution, which will start as early as 6:30 AM:

Sept 29 (Andaya Gym)

Morning: Ariman, Balud del Sur, Pinontingan, Paradijon, Luna Candol, Manook, Cota na Daco, Villareal

Afternoon: Panganiban, Buenavista, Balud del Norte, Carriedo, Beriran, Benguet

Sept 30 (Andaya Gym)

Morning: Nato, Patag, Tigkiw, Togawe, Union, Nazareno, Sta. Ana, San Ignacio

Afternoon: Sangat, Dita, Lapinig, Tagaytay, Cogon, Paco, Cabiguhan, Jupi

October 3 (Encinas Pavilion)

Morning: Rizal, Bentuco, Tiris, Bagacay, Manapao, Naagtan

Afternoon: Tabi, Ogao, Cabigaan, Bulacao, Payawin, Casili

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