Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Call for Admission and Scholarship applications for Diploma in Multimedia Journalism

Quezon City, 2 December 2011. ACFJ now accepts applications for admission and scholarship for the Diploma in Multimedia Journalism. The deadline is Wednesday, 15 February 2012 for the 2012 offering which begins in May.

The Diploma in Multimedia Journalism (DMJ) is a one-year program seeking to provide Asian working journalists with a broad perspective and the practical skills to undertake cross-platform multimedia journalistic projects.

Admission is limited to 15 students. Scholarship grants are available to Asian journalists on a competitive basis.

The program comprises seven courses, including a capstone project, as follows:

Fundamentals of Multimedia Journalism: provides an overview of the theories and practices of multimedia journalism.

Newsgathering for Multimedia: seeks to develop and sharpen the students’ abilities to gather and report news for the multimedia format.

Mobile Journalism: Mobile Journalism trains students to employ a variety of tools and technologies to report news in a fully multimedia manner.

Convergence Theory: discusses changing journalistic practices including new techniques for visual framing and composition, audio production, and efficient content delivery.

Multi Platform Practice: seeks to further develop the students’ core skills in multimedia reporting such as blogging, social networking, digital audio and podcasting, as well as shooting and editing of digital photos and videos.

Interactive Media Literacy: allows students to learn and reflect on theories and practices in media literacy on an interactive platform.

Multimedia Journalism Project: is the capstone course that allows students to produce a major multimedia story under the guidance of an adviser.

The Diploma in Multimedia Journalism, a distance learning program via the Internet, has been specially designed to allow working journalists to study and work at the same time. The courses are conducted either entirely online or using a fusion of online and on-campus methods, i.e. hybrid courses

Application forms for admission and scholarships are available for download at (under Resources) or upon request. Send email to:

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