Friday, December 09, 2011

Job opening: Community Empowerment Program Coordinator

The Office for Community Development of Arellano University is in need of a Program Coordinator for its community Empowerment Program. Interested applicants may contact and submit application letter and resume to Ms. Andreline D. Ansula, OIC Director, of Office for Community Development, Rm. 2 Elementary Building, Arellano University, Legarda Campus or call Tel no. 7347371 loc. 238 c/o Lerma Lazarte or Lyndy Berdin or email to

job Description: Community Empowerment Program
1. Shall coordinate with partner communities regarding planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of AU activities in their area in coordination with different institutes.
2. Shall formulate systems to ensure Arellano's collaborated efforts are directly benefiting partner communities
3. Shall develop/write concept papers/project proposals to CEP.
4. Shall prepare modules and conduct community-based workshop and trainings in coordination with ComDev Coordinators of concerned institutes.
5. Shall facilitate/assist partner communities in the process of developing community projects.
6. Shall undertake collaboration and coordination work with partner community and develop/forge AU partnership with existing and target partner communities.
•Liaise with community representative and explore/plan projects with them.
•Assist in organizing and implementing activities of the communities.
•Coordinate Arellano efforts in communities.
1. Shall facilitate/coordinate training and ComDev activities with partner communities.
• Conduct field visits and integrate with the community
2. Shall submit documentation of activities and progress/accomplishment reports tot eh Director/supervisor.
3. Shall support and coordinate with other staff members for other projects of the office.
4. Shall perform other duties assigned by the office Supervisor and/or Director.

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