Sunday, April 22, 2012

Medical mission in June

There is going to be a medical mission on June 3-6 at the Gubat Distrcit Hospital. The surgical operations will be done by doctors from the UP Ugnayan ng Pahinungod  Corps of Volunteers. The mission is co-sponsored by UGAY,  Gubatnons of Australia, Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS), Care and Share Army (CASA) and GNHS Class of 1992. The Municipality of Gubat and the Office of Congressman Ramos are supporting the medical mission.

Patients who are interested to avail of the free surgeries and free medication are advised to immediately contact Dra Carino of the Gubat District Hospital to sign up. There will be no circumcision and consultations. The medical mission will perform the following surgeries:

Major surgeries:
Hernia (Luslos)
Gallstones (Bato sa Apdo)
Goiter (Bukol sa Leeg)
Bukol sa Matris (Myoma)
and any other specific cases

Minor Surgeries:
Lumps and bumps (cysts)

Dental Extraction (Bunot ng ngipin)

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