Monday, May 28, 2012

Job opening: Education Officer

the educational research and development assistance (erda) foundation, inc. is looking for an education officer for a child labor and education project. here are some of the qualifications: 1. graduate of bs in education, master's degree is an advantaged 2. with professional experience in leadership role and implementing education initiatives 3. with program experience in supervising/managing functions 4. knowledge of child labor issues and experience in development of non-formal, formal, and vocational education of children 5. above average skills in public relations and networking 6. proficient in oral and written communication, both filipino and english 7. skills in program management 8. requires high level of flexibility 9. can work under pressure in a spirit of teamwork and cooperation and commitment to child labor 10. ability to work long hours and in difficult conditions 11. above average skills in computer, can operate MS software application such as MS word, excel and powerpoint 12. with passion and commitment to the cause of child labor if interested, please call 7413014, 7110010, 7327815 and look for ms. judy segismundo-hr officer, ms. aurora quiambao-hr staff or ann f.p. tadeo, jvp b19/20

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