Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Cuentos Filipinos At Instituto Cervantes
The Department of Modern Languages' CUENTOS FILIPINOS by Jose Montero y Vidal will be presented at the Instituto Cervantes on Tuesday, 23 November 2004, 7pm, in its Salon de Actos.

Translated from the original Spanish by Renan Prado, Evelyn Soriano, Heide Aquino, and Shirley Torres and edited by Renan Prado and Lourdes Brillantes, these nine short stories by Jose Montero y Vidal portray the life and times in nineteenth-century Philippines. The colorful and graphic vignettes describing the customs and traditions of the country come alive as the characters weave in and out of a historically and culturally documented milieu. In this journey through time, the natural richness of the Philippines surfaces and the interior wealth of the mountains reveals an astounding diversity of ethnic groups.

This translation makes creative works in Spanish about the Philippines more accessible to everyone, lending greater knowledge and awareness of our past in order to make our understanding and appreciation of the present more profound.

The publication of CUENTOS FILIPINOS was made possible through assistance from the Office of the President and a grant from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain and Universities in the Philippines and the Pacific Islands.

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