Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Gen. Carlos Garcia as a young man
No matter how hard I try to construct im ny mind its plausibility, I find it hard to imagine Second Lieutenant Rolly Joaquin, a PMA valedictorian no less, actually committing the stupid crime for which he will be facing court-martial soon. US authorities reported that Joaquin was caught by surveillance cameras removing a 50-cent discount tag from one CD and affixing it to another CD priced at $12, which he tried to buy. Exactly what was the CD he tried to buy? I wonder. Was it Usher, Beyonce, or Eminem?

I too have been tempted time and again to shoplift from the pricey classical section of Tower Records. But why shoplift when you can download? Joaquin may have never heard of online downloading, but as one music aficionado to another, I humbly offer him these links: Kazaa and Edonkey. Sir yes sir they're good.

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