Friday, November 05, 2004

Through a glass darkly
She was ransacking the lipstick rack, looking for a color darker than the one she was holding on her hand. Showing me a color which I imagined what chololate would look like if it were mixed with laterite, she asked, "Do you think this would look good on me?"

Flustered, I tried to summon an opinion, but couldn't really tell. Ever since my grade school teacher thought I was stupid for coloring a tree's bole green, the color wheel has been one big blur in my head. So I stalled, muttering an idiotical, "Ahh...." Observing how she pursed her lips, signalling she was again irritated by my lack of opinion, I tried to salvage the situation with St. Exupery (knowing she loved The Little Prince): "Besides what is significant is invisible to the eyes."

She curtly said thanks to the saleslady, who seemed to have been expecting a sell. Turning toward me as we headed to buy a horse shampoo, she said: "Didn't you know that in a world of such ugliness the only remaining true protest is to be beautiful?"


R. O. said...

Imelda Marcos has roughly the same comment, or so it was reported:

"Ano ba ang naging kasalanan ko? Hindi naman ako pangit?"

Ronnel said...

The Establishment are the ugly people. Imelda's not ugly, true; she's just fat.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. Buti na lang I'm both lefty and pretty. --Ria

R. O. said...

I'll wait it out until you become the establishment, and will see what you'd have to say..