Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Petty censors
I was laughing the whole afternoon today after reading about the in-fighting among the public censors at the MTRCB.Today reports that Msgr. Nico Bautista and Benjamin Bernales allegedly tried to badmouth and physically attack Chairman Maria Conzoliza Laguardia.

Apparently, what prompted the ruckus was an incident report sent by Carmelita Padilla to other board members recounting the insults hurled at her by Msgr. Bautista:

In the incident report sent to Laguardia, copies of which were given to MTRCB board members, Padilla said that while reviewing the television show "The Top 10 Videos of 2004," Bautista, a member of the subcommittee asked her: “Tinuruan ka na bang mag-fast forward? Alam mo na ba ’yun?”

Bautista then called one of the operators and ordered him to have the video tape run fast forward.

“While still watching, I kept my composure and focused on what I am reviewing. Monsignor Bautista and Mr. Bernales were challenging my credibility. Finally Monsignor Bautista’s curiosity got the better of him and he asked me: Bakit ikaw ang chairman dapat si Ber [Bernales] Is this your first time?” Padilla quoted him as saying in her incident report.

To this she said she replied: “Actually it’s my third time now.”

Padilla said Bautista countered: “But why you? You’re just new. Did you already have an orientation or a briefing from the chairman?”

Padilla said when she replied with a smile, Bautista started belittling her and told her to call Laguardia.

“Tawagin mo si Laguardia. I want to talk to her. She doesn’t even know what she is doing. What kind of government is this,” Padilla quoted Bautista as telling her.

I didn't know our censors had such sharp tongues. The next time there is a vacancy at the MTRCB, perhaps they would do well to include in the qualifications: Must know how to fast-forward.

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Joseph said...

I'm the grandson of Mr.Bernales and I want to say that my lolo and Mr.Nico Bautista is only trying to tell their opinion and what they feel, and they have the right to speak up and express their selves.