Friday, January 28, 2005


invites you to a lecture by

Professor Erik S. Reinert
Professor of Technology Governance and Development Strategies
Talinn Technical University in Estonia

on the

"Different Types of Development:
Tracing the Evolution of Economic Thought and Economic Policy"

2 pm, Friday, 4 February 2005
Conference Rooms 3 and 4
Social Science Building
Ateneo de Manila University.

Professor Reinert is a renowned and leading thinker in the European academic and business circles, his experience ranging from teaching economics courses in various Universities across Europe to being Head of Research of the Norsk Investorforum and to Permanent Consultancy with the European Commission, Directorate General XIII and XIV. He is also the co-founder and member of the Executive Committee of "The
Other Canon," a group that provides tools for economic development and industrial policy while coming from a production-based economic theory where economic development is an intrinsically uneven process. Professor Reinert's other research interests include the application of evolutionary / Schumpeterian economics in a third world setting and history of economic policy.

For confirmation of attendance, please contact Mr. William Alamin at 4265626. For your queries, you may email them to


Bonn Juego said...

I strongly recommend everyone to participate in the lecture of Prof. Erik S. Reinert. I just finished yesterday my course 'Institutions and Legal Frameworks of Regional Integration' under him in our Institute here in KL. He is a very interesting and engaging economist. He is one of the world's leading heterodox economists, and founder of the 'The Other Canon' (

I also challenge the forces of free-market economics and neo-liberalism to give Dr. Reinert a good debate. He is one of the only few big shot economists in the world today who encourages discourse. Be sure however that you know your history of economic thought and ideas, lest....

Bonn Juego said...


Paki-clarify naman sa Ateneo Department of Economics and/or Action for Economic Reforms final time of this lecture.

Information has reached me that the organizers have moved the lecture on Friday (Feb 4) from 4pm to 2pm.


Bonn Juego said...


Just received an email from Dr. Erik Reinert. The new time of the lecture is 2pm, same date, same venue.


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