Tuesday, February 08, 2005

New year's resolutions once more
As some of you may have observed, I'be been a lazy blogger for a month now. What is irritating about this blogging downtime is that one of my new year's resolutions last january 1 was precisely to blog more assiduously. Most people's resolves flag, I know, but I was disturbed by my resolve's over-early flagging. So I am taking the Chinese New Year to re-state my Gregorian New Year's resolutions:

1. Live in a more earth-friendly way.
2. Learn tai chi.
3. Invite more friends to join our reading group.
4. Read business books.
5. Enrol in an entrepreneurship workshop/course.
6. Volunteer.
7. Read authors from the South.
8. Learn how to swim well (to increase chance of surviving a tsunami).
9. Give away or lend books needlessly accumulating dust in the shelves.
10. Become a more participative member of the e-groups I subscribe to.
11. Travel more and see new places.
12. Attend workshops.
13. Stop buying dead-tree books I can’t possibly have the time to read.
14. Get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B.
15. Learn how to cook.
16. Learn how to use Adobe InDesign.
17. Expand musical horizon, discover artists, borrow friends’ CDS and rip songs.
18. Watch less TV.
19. Blog everyday.
20. Wake up earlier in the morning.
21. Visit places I’ve never been to: Bahay Tsinoy, Quezon Memorial Circle, National Museum, Manila Zoo...
22. Read the Bible (and not drowse).
23. Forget Virra Mall; Quiapo’s cheaper.
24. Try to limit internet usage.
25. Meet new friends.
26. Do something about my massive knowledge gap in Philippine history.
27. Ask for other people’s lists of favorite books.
28. Stop buying DVD’s/VCd’s; borrow and rip instead.
29. Stop drinking softdrinks.
30. Eat nuts/dried fruits for snacks instead of burgers.
31. Get vegetarian meals from Bodhi.
32. Eat more protein-rich food.


aa said...

just don't forget the Pareto principle, i.e., the 80/20 (or 20/80) rule. :)

Ronnel said...

Mukhang mattas na batting average na yan para sa akin.