Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bituing nawawalan ng ningning?

Senator Pangilinan has recently been thrown into unflattering light when he didn't show up in the opposition's proclamation rally at Plaza Miranda. Some of the members of the opposition apparently are not too happy that they are campaigning for Senator Pangilinan while the latter is only campaigning for himself. Some of the senator's critics are exploiting the situation and making it appear that Senator Pangilinan is namamangka sa dalawang ilog while having his cake and eating it too.

Senator Pangilinan's position is that he is running as an independent and that, as any candidate wishes support from any sector that will deign to give it, he is happy to have been adopted by the opposition, but he is still running as an independent, thank you very much.

If you come to think about it, Senator Pangilinan's decision to run as an independent is the morally superior choice. Both the administration and the Estrada opposition have been discredited; therefore, any reasonable and honest man must mark and blaze a third way. There's something eerily perverse about the opposition senatorial slate avowedly running for good governance while fawning at the foot of Joseph Estrada.

Of course, Senator Pangilinan can afford to be so high and mighty now because he is the man Sharon Cuneta go home to at the end of the day. And this is probably the reason why many politicians find Senator Pangilinan's political stance now especially infuriating. They all need a political party to campaign effectively; Senator Pangilinan only needs to stay married (and these days when women are too forgiving that's not too hard to do, ask Mr Yap).


Athena said...

I will recommend your blog to Mr. Sucaldito (I hope I spelled that right.) Haha.

Could it be that Ms. Cuneta advised the senator not to accept the opposition slot because they cannot pay for her campaign efforts?

(Pasensiya na, wala sa tamang huwisyo. I am deadtired.) Haha.

Ronnel said...

jobert sucaldito of buzz fame? Hmmm.youre moving in rarified circles na pala.