Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cayetano's beef

Sassy Lawyer succinctly writes today that the bank certifications presented by First Gentleman Mike Arroyo during the rather acrimonious congressional hearing do not conclusively prove that not one of the Arroyos has or ever had a bank account at Hypo Vereins Bank in Germany.

Even if there are no accounts under the name of any of the Arroyos, there could very possibly be accounts under a corporation or some other juridical entity of which an Arroyo is a shareholder. Also, there could be investment accounts not named under the Arroyos but designate them as beneficiaries. The wording of the certifications coming from the bank does not include these accounts.

The waiver drafted by Congressman Cayetano, which Mike Arroyo refused to sign, was clearer and encompassing all possible accounts the Arroyos may have or have had at one time at the bank. Had Mike Arroyo signed the waiver as drafted by Congressman Cayetano, he would have put all doubts to rest.

There is the primal question though with regard to the appropriateness of Cayetano's requesting Mike Arroyo to sign a blanket waiver. Supposing a barangay captain lives a stupendously profligate life with no other possible source of income whatsoever, can one rightfully demand the barangay captain to sign a waiver to vouch for his honesty in public service? What Cayetano demands of Mike Arroyo we can demand from just about everyone in government. Why single him out? No case, as far as we know, has been filed against him with regard to these supposed accounts. If Mike Arroyo just plays deadma to all these, he has every right to do so. But perhaps he wants to see Congressman Cayetano, now in fourth place in Pulse Asia poll according to Ellen Tordesillas, in the Senate next year.

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