Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Volunteer opportunity

The EcoWaste Coalition is looking for volunteers and interns who can assist in our campaigns and endeavors. The coalition is composed of different groups coming from the non-government organizations, community, youth, religious sector, academe etc., all pushing for zero waste alternatives.

The coalition's campaigns range from different pressing environmental and social issues such as "greening and waste-free" election 2007, junking of the Japan-Philippine Partnership Agreement (JPEPA), closure of dumpsites, landfills and incinerators, plastic use regulation, push for Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) for product manufacturers, pollution, climate change and full implementation of different environmental laws like Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, Clean Air Act etc.

If you are interested and have some time this vacation, however short, please contact the EcoWaste Coalition at 0927-3209271, (02) 9290376 or email at ecowastecoalition@yahoo.com.

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