Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Web prowl

There is a great disincentive for liberal democratic change in China because, according to this East-West paper (pdf), both the losers and the winners in the country's capitalist reforms don't want to challenge the Chinese Communist Party. In a related note, Der Siegel asks Does communism work after all? A male suicide bomber is supposed to get women in heaven, what does a female suicide bomber get? asks Slate. Last week, the actress Alicia Meyer appeared in a photo op for PETA Philippines wearing nothing more but lettuce leaves, and many people said she looked better than ever, leading many women to ask where can one find a beginner's guide to vegetarianism. Newsweek writes on the bleak prospects of Ban Ki Moon's tenure in the United Nations. Janet Yellen, chair of Clinton's Council of Economic Advisers in 1997, writes about Lessons of the Asian financial crisis 10 years later. Cebu Pacific is offering seats at greatly discounted prices till March 8 for travel dates from June to December this year.

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