Sunday, August 15, 2004

The sound and the fury

Keana Reeves's expose of the thriving escort industry has turned out into a bigger story than I previously thought. But unfortunately, she chickened out at the last minute despite the coaxing of Rep. Liza Maza so we will never know now exactly who was the congressman she worked for and what were the particular services she performed on the honorable. Ah, these are the times we wish Maceda were in the Senate again.

Limpbwizit though is far from being amused by all the commotion created by Ms. Reeves:

e kung di naman sya gaga di ba, sa dami na pala ng mga kongresman na naka-kangkang sa kanya, ngayong lalabas pa ang pelikula nya at tsaka sya na-death threat. at eto na't nade-death threat sya at lahat, ayaw pa nyang i-suplong kung sino ang mga kumangkang sa kanya at nang maimbestigahan na at makasuhan ng grave threats yong mga in-escortan nya.

medyo nakakabwiset na kasi na lagi na lang sa news, isang segment tungkol sa mga putatsing na yan yong binabalita, e kahit obvious naman na sa pagmumukha pa lang ng mga hindot na 'yan, mahal na ang gumastos ng isang libo

Reeves's revelations have piqued the curiosity of the public regarding the hidden sex lives of the powerful. We all wonder now exactly what a pork barrel does to one's sex life, to what exotic pleasures can it lead to. My fascination though in the issue is with regard to the exorbitant price tags escorts carry --- 25,000 to 125,000 daw. Why, these are the ugly excesses of a deregulated industry! With the prevailing stratospheric prices, how can we expect a common man to afford a piece of Ms. Reeves or other starlets. Surely, if there is any justice in this world, the DTI should make market inspections a la Mar Roxas and institute price caps at once.

If you are still interested in hearing or reading about the sex lives of people in politics, you can look to the other end of the political spectrum and make do with PN Abinales's forthcoming book, Love, Sex, and the Filipino Communist (or Hinggil sa Pagpipigil ng Panggigigil), as announcedby the Wily Filipino.

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