Friday, June 24, 2005

The brutal truth, and nothing but?

Everybody seems to have a newly-discovered affection for the truth. Ping Lacson enjoined the people to be not afraid of the truth for, according to him, it will set us free. Samuel Ong says his interest is only in wanting the truth come out. So does Rep Clavel Martinez.

I have no doubt of the sundry liberating effects of the truth. Honesty, Benjamin Franklin is right, is indeed the best policy. However, I have serious doubts on our capacity now as a people to handle truth lock, stock and barrel. To be brutally honest about it, if truth, by some work of divine intercession, were to be released in full force, with all the floodgates opened, we would be finally free, yes, but also inundated. This probably explains why the so-called United Opposition is selectively presenting the truth to the public. When Sandra Cam was asked why Mikey Arroyo seemed to have trusted her so much when she handed over money to him, she said she didn't know. Oh yes, she does. It's because she has been involved in this ugly business all her life she's virtually a fixture in the industry.

Garcillano may indeed have cheated for President Arroyo. That's partial truth. The unadulterated complete truth is that it may also be equally true that he did the same for the opposition that claims to be so innocent and clean and so alternative now. That's why Jarius Bondoc is asking for the other half of the wiretap.

Truth hurts, Marichu Villanueva writes today for the Philippine Star, what the country needs now is more than the truth. The truth may set us free, alright, but with liberators like Ping Lacson, who needs freedom? Give me liberty, or give me, er, death ?

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