Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Going gently into the good night

Cardinal Sin is dead. (Read the obituaries from the Inquirer, the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, the BBC.) Just when the opposition is calling for another People Power to topple yet another president, Cardinal Sin, a pivotal figure in the two previous mass demonstrations, has chosen to leave us. Does the death of the cardinal foretell that this time those who clamor for People Power will fail?

The Church is hesitant to call for the ouster of President Arroyo and has been at pains to point out in the media that it is not. Even Archbishop Oscar Cruz, the Manila Times reported a couple of days ago, is having second thoughts about unveiling his witness who will further incriminate the First Gentleman. Archbishop Cruz is rightly considering the possibility that he is becoming an unwitting tool for the destabilizers greedy to grab power for themselves. For it could very well be that apres Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, le deluge.


R. O. said...

A little correction, Ronnel:

Sin did not choose to leave us. His life was taken back by the One who gave it to Sin.

Ronnel said...

Is my bias too obvious? I must remember to cloak it better next time.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad to have accessed your blog. good job.
anyhow, 'people power' has been abused a number of times. sometimes, one can't help but feel jaded about it.
my condolences to cardinal sin. he was a great man. i may not agree to some things that he did, but he was still great.

i guess it will take some more years before someone can step into cardinal sin's shoes. plus the
church may be hesitant to spearhead whatever mass action the opposition greatly desires because right now, there maybe no one worth even partially anointing.

Ronnel said...

You know what? I think our predilection for changing presidents of late is a clue to how we think progress is possible in the Philippines. Most of us think we need to get the top guy right to effect change. Thus, our constant discontent with how petty our president is. But getting the right person at the top is too costly and hard. No matter how we dislike Presdient Arroyo we can not just dump her. We are so to speak obsessed with Malacanang; we don't pay much attention to local governments. Yet if you look hard, there are many nodes for intervention in the local governments. What politically you can not achieve in the national level, you can bring to fruition at the local level.

Anonymous said...

that is why we should not aim anymore to change the world. it's too frustrating. we just need to be agents of change within our niches. and when we gain grounds, we could widen our widen our 'fields of dreams'.

i'm currently in grad school abroad. out of 10 filipino studes i know, there are only 2 of us who have no doubts about returning home after we're done here.

filipinos are supposed to be very hopeful. it is scary to think of our people losing hope. it will be our end. yet, it is scarier to put hope on people who are wolves in sheep clothing.