Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It ain't over till the short lady leaves?

It was an apology that fell short of being a mea culpa. Understandably, many people are unsatisfied with President Arroyo's address to the nation yesterday. She didn't name Garcillano; she didn't say what she was specifically sorry for; she didn't even appear sincere reading her apology, the grave face she tried to effect notwithstanding.

What will happen next? The ball is back in the opposition's court. The (allegedly defective) impeachment complaint against the President which was filed by Atty. Lozano has now been endorsed. It will be interesting to see, given the tight control of the House of Representatives by Arroyo sympathizers, how the opposition will muster the required number of congressmen (1/3 of the total number) to send the impeachment rolling into the Senate. If the opposition succeeds-against great odds-to transmit to the Senate a resolution for impeachment, then who knows? Perhaps by February of next year, we'll have Vice President Noli De Castro as our new president.

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