Friday, February 06, 2004

The exquisite embarrassment of being FPJ
Minda News banners the story on how Davao scribes were disappointed over FPJ's ignorance on the Mindanao peace issue. Minda News reports that:

Poe, who is known to dislike nosy reporters, could not elaborate on the subject and lamely answered, “ Hopefully we can solve peace and order. Hopefully we can give peace sa inyong lahat.”

The answer sent a chill among reporters who wanted Poe to elaborate more about attaining peace, Mindanao’s main issue.

Of course, Loren Legarda, the ever-reliable sidekick who has recently replaced Berting Labra, was quick to the rescue and said " Peace in Mindanao at all costs," which is pretty much as nebulous as what FPJ lamely said.

If FPJ's answers to queries made by reporters are to be an indication of his coming administration, then for the next six years we are perhaps going to be in limbo, groping our way in the dark. FPJ's pronouncements on policy issues are just about as helpful as beauty contestants' elucidating the ways on attaining world peace.

FPJ is simply at a loss. And it is horrifying that the people around him, rather that honestly doing something about his perceived inadequacies by perhaps coaching him, are trying to hide the obvious by shielding him from reporters.

Jessica Soho's interview of FPJ amounted to more or less seven minutes and FPJ only consented to elaborate on his siring an illegitimate child. I know that illegitimate children may throw some light on a person's sense of responsibility, but sexual indiscretions in the past are hardly an issue of national importance.

I saw the footage on TV where GMA's Sandra Aguinaldo had an ambush interview with FPJ (with Legarda closely beside him shoulder-to-shoulder). Aguinaldo would throw a question, FPJ would say a one-liner, Legarda would explain. There was a pretty tense embarrassing moment though when this oh-so-subtly cruel and nasty Sandra Aguinaldo asked FPJ if he felt alluded to by GMA's recent pronouncements about choosing a leader of brains and experience. Aguinaldo asked--audibly-- the question twice : Sir, do you feel alluded to?

Apparently, FPJ did not understand what being alluded to meant so Aguinaldo translated it: Palagay nyo po ba pinaparinggan kayo? FPJ then curtly answered negative and Legarda tried to brush aside the awkardness of the encounter with a guffaw.

GMA reporters are really nosy and I think have a tacit understanding to embarrass all the presidential candidates--except Roco. Vicky Morales did the same thing to Presidentiable Eddie Gil, when she badgered the latter with the question about his net worth. Eddie Gil did not understand the meaning of the phrase "net worth" so he gave oblique answers thrice. Morales kept on pushing with net worth that Gil, visibly exasperated, asked Morales what net worth meant.

It is such a sad spectacle to see presidential candidates display their ignorance. The Davao reporters had a taste of it recently in the case of FPJ. We will probably have more and more and more of it in the coming days.

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