Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Oral arguments at the Supreme Court on FPJ's citizenship
Limpbwizit blogs on the SC arguments:

Atty. Moreno: Thank you for raising that Madame Justice, it is of public knowledge your honors that fernando poe jr. is dubbed as the king of philippine movies. he would not be called such if he is not a natural-born filipino actor because making around 500 movies in 50 years would not be easy if you are not a natural-born, hence, under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur, the career of fernando poe jr. speaks for itself - that he is a natural-born filipino actor. and in my experience with that's entertainment, your honors, i can spot whether an aspiring actor is a natural-born or not and with all honesty, your honors, and i think the whole country would agree, that fernando poe jr. is a natural-born filipino actor. furthermore, the father of fernando poe jr. is fernando poe sr., as suggested by his name, and his father was a known filipino actor of his time, thus, following the well-settled doctrine that the fruit of the poisonous tree is also poisonous, there is an overwhelming evidence that fernando poe jr. is a natural-born filipino actor. it is thus submitted your honors that by the facts of public knowledge that was just presented, mr. fernando poe jr. is a natural-born filipino. before i end my argument your honros, i would like to distribute to you these newly-released CDs from vicor records, these are the albums of my former babies in that's entertainment, and some gift packs from the sponsors of my show. sha-la-la will distribute them to you your honors.
Amicus Curiae Kris Aquino: How about the argument under the doctrine of poisonous tree? Kasi, like my Josh, he's so like his daddy Ipe, and my brother noynoy, he's a carbon-copy talaga of my dad, that's why i'm super kumbinsi that because tito ron's dad was a great filipino actor, tito ron is a natural-born filipino actor.

Solicitor General: Thank you raising that, madame amicus curiae. It is disputable whether the father necessarily sires a son of equal or greater character than he is. It is also of public knowledge that the respondent's best friend erap was a handsome man during his youth, but questions arose - how about jinggoy? Furthermore, erap estrada is known to have so many women in his life so it is also proper to ask - how about jude?How about Dolphy Quizon and Eric Quizon? it is thus submitted, your honors, that the poisonous tree doctrine finds no application in this case.

Atty. Armida Siguion-Reyna: Your Honors, I shall be direct-to-the-point with our second argument. It is our contention that fernando poe jr. is, aside from being a natural-born filipino actor, also a natural-born filipino boxer, as earlier raised by the counsel for the petitioner. it is of public knowledge your honors that filipinos are natural boxers as demonstrated by great filipino boxing champions like flash elorde, luisito espinosa jr., manny pacquiao, onyok velasco, and bong navarette, not to mention the obvious popularity of the sport in the country.

Mme. Justice Chico-Nazario : did the respondent win any boxing championship?

Atty. Armida Siguion-Reyna: none that i know of Madame Justice but noteworthy is his fist-fighting ability that he knocks down all of his opponents with his trademark rapid punches punctuated by his another trademark "cymballing" of the bad guy through the latter's ears. these, on top of being natural abilities that could not be acquired by training by those who were not natural-born boxers, your honors, are uniquely filipino boxing routines born and existing only in the philippine scene. being a unique filipino boxing routine, it follows that it's creator is a natural-born filipino for we can not, by any means, claim as uniquely ours something not created by a natural-born filipino.

Justice Reynato Puno: counsel, it was already said earlier that one single occurrence should not be taken to prove a general fact.

Atty. Siguion-Reyna: I took note of that your honors and as a matter of fact, i have other examples to cite to prove my point. Mr. Poe is also a filipino legend as proven by his movie alamat ng lawin. by simple translation, the legend of the hawk. according to bouvier's law dictionary, a legend is a story of how things came into being and mr. poe could not be a legend if he is not a natural-born because legends are born and not made. thus, he is not just a natural-born filipino actor and boxer, he is also a natural-born filipino legend. your honors, the facts pointing to fernado poe's being a natural-born is overwhelming, it is therefore submitted that he should not be disqualified from running as president of this country.

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