Thursday, February 12, 2004

What's the real score?
It seems Senator Biazon can not quite decide which side he is on. After dramatically joining Roco in his quest for the Philippine Camelot and saying paeans about Roco's being the best candidate in promoting the public good, Sen Biazon has now bolted Roco's alliance in favor of GMA's K-4.

What happened ? Did Sen. Biazon see the the hitherto unknown dark side of Roco? Or has there been a sudden and precipitate reconfiguration of the public good overnight?

Roco himself has a simpler explanation, the Inquirer reports. Biazon, according to Roco, was bought off by 30M pesos to join GMA's camp. Thirty million pesos is quite a good amount for anybody's retirement, but Biazon, of course, denies he was proselytized by cash and cites personality differences between him and Roco, differences which Biazon says he is at pains not to divulge.

The first time I read about these supposed personality differences, I thought Biazon and Roco were having an annulment of marriage. "Personality differences" is the cliche reason given by people breaking up previously amorous relationships. The reason he gave is meaningless crap and the public deserves better than that. Even if the 30 M grease money were true, Biazon should have given a better reason than personality differences--something perhaps like he could no longer abide Roco's gumamela shirts. The public should understand this, with Biazon's being of the older generation and a former military man and all.

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