Wednesday, January 14, 2004

FPJ supposedly taking charge
Former Senator Ernesto Maceda, to counter everybody's opinion of FPJ's proxying for other people (Angara et al) in his bid for the presidency, cites an instance of FPJ's hands-on management style: the KNP's photo shoots.

Maceda went to great lengths to describe how FPJ personally selected the photos for each of the candidates and how he requested a platform on which to stand for Legarda since she's shorter than FPJ. And after this lengthy anecdote of the photo shoot, Maceda concludes:

FPJ was in control. He knows what he wants, what he intends to do.

Don't underestimate him anymore. He is the leader of the opposition team and he is ready to slug it out with two fists blazing away. He is Da King.

I wonder how Maceda came to that conclusion. Personally supervising the taking of pictures does not mean one is also capable of personally supervising a presidency. The two are markedly different. Is Maceda losing his wits or was he simply being cute? (Mind you, Maceda was the man who predicted the EDSA 2 crowd would pack up and ask for Erap's forgiveness in 4 days.)

Maceda is wrong again this time, UNLESS he believes that the coming FPJ presidency would be just one big photo op.

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