Thursday, January 29, 2004

Imelda incarcerated
Read Inquirer's feature on PCGG Commissioner Ruben Carranza:

The PCGG has so far filed close to 1000 civil cases against the Marcoses and their cronies, says Carranza, 43 of them before the Ombudsman. "We only need one conviction to put Imelda in jail."

THe PCGG would need a lot of of support as the coming FPJ presidency does not bode well for those cases . I saw how Susan Roces swooned at the presence of the Great Prodigal Imelda, probably titillated at the idea that she would be one day wearing the shoes Imelda once wore.

If only people would see Imelda in jail, then they would know that indeed she and her husband did something wrong. As things are now, people, especially those who were too young to experience the Marcos years firsthand, are all too ready to give her the benefit of the doubt.

It would also be a great downer for people who hitherto idolize the brazenness of the Marcoses in enriching themselves. It is a real shock, I know, but not a few UP students have this inchoate admiration for the Marcoses, especially the much-vaunted brilliance daw of Apo Marcos, which, Conrado de Quiros, assures us, is more a product of PR than real substance. (Marcos was real smart though in skirting all the rules, but smartness and brilliance are not the same. Everybody can be smart.)

I remember seeing Imelda confronted on TV about the prospect of her going to jail someday. You know what she said? If imprisoned and persecuted, she said, in the characteristic Imeldific just-about-to-cry-over-your-shoulder look, she will end up like Nelson Mandela and win the Nobel Prize. No matter how hard I try, I cannot imagine the Stockholm citation.

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