Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Great website
If you want to listen to radio interviews of your favorite authors, here's the site for you: Don Swaim's audio interviews on Wired for Books. I have just found the site this morning and I was able to listen to a thirty-minute interview with Jeffrey Archer. I never knew Sir Jeffrey Archer was such a lively speaker. He loves making these long sentences in his high-pitch voice that makes him eerily sound like a character in some Victorian English novel. Totally endearing, if I may say so.

The particular interview I listened to was the one where Archer was discussing his novel As the Crow Flies. When I heard Archer discussing the costermonger protagonist in the novel and how the character's ambition propelled him to buying the whole block of property in the novel, I felt so nostalgic about reading Archer novels that if I have time I probably would sit down and gulp more of them. Archer was one of my great reads in high school, my first favorite author. In fact, my first interest in politics and government was sparked by my reading his The Prodigal Daughter. If anybody of you want to read about ambition, drive and stamina, then Archer is the author to read. Great entertainment too.

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