Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Howard Dean loses New Hampshire primary
I guess it is now official that Howard Dean will never be the Democratic candidate to challenge Bush come November. Senator John Kerry has scored a double whammy with his win, this time, in Dean's own turf New Hampshire. Kerry carried Iowa and, now, New Hampshire.

I guess it is all for the good of the party as Kerry is widely perceived to be more acceptable and electable by the general electorate. Dean is more idiosyncratic in style, i.e., weird. His " I Have a Scream" speech is now legendary. But I cannot help but commiserate. I can just imagine the heartbreak of hundreds of Dean's youth volunteers, his bloggers and all those who contributed their hundred dollars via the internet. It is Dean among the presidential contenders who has real grassroots support--especially in the internet.

If it is Kerry who has a greater chance to oust Bush from the White House, then so be it. Now that Dean seems to have faded from the scene, the Democratic Party now must buckle up and figure out how to get rid of Bush--for the benefit of the American people and all mankind.

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