Monday, January 12, 2004

Si Poe ay Filipino?
The Manila Times quotes GMA as believing Fernando Poe is a Filipino. In a statement released by Malacanang, GMA has apparently offered FPJ help to expedite the resolution of FPJ's citizenship issue.

I get confused though with GMA's coming forth protesting that she believes FPJ is a Filipino. She probably should have stated that she believed FPJ is a natural-born Filipino if she wished to dispel rumors that she is behind the attack on FPJ, apparently aimed at pre-emptively disqualifying FPJ for the presidential run.

The make-or-break issue here is not the citizenship per se of FPJ, but the manner by which FPJ bacame a Filipino. Apparently, FPJ has the documents to prove his citizenship: passport issued to his name, for example. But not all Filipinos can run for president; those qualified are people who were born Filipino and did not have to do anything to perfect their Filipino citizenship.

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