Saturday, January 10, 2004

Interview with Loida Nicolas-Lewis
Click here to read the transcript of an interview with Sorsogon-born Loida Nicolas-Lewis, chairperson and CEO of TLC Beatrice International Holdings, Inc. and one of the wealthiest women in the United States.

She says her fondest memories of Sorsogon include weekends on Rizal Beach. Reading the interview made me feel a little bit nostalgic of Sorsogon. (Sometimes you miss the place more than the people.)

Anyway, here's something for women readers:

HW: What is your advice to women who are trying to reach their personal best?

LNL: They cannot do it all. They cannot have four -- a happy family life, a very satisfying career, an economically advanced home and personal satisfaction. They can only choose three, they have to give up one. Either they have a very happy family life, they have personal satisfaction, they are economically well-off but she's not in her profession. Or she's active in her profession, is very economically well-off and has personal satisfaction but her husband leaves her or her children are drug addicts. They cannot have it all. I chose the three. My husband was successful, my daughters were successful, we had a very economically viable [home] but personal satisfaction in the sense that i was a senior partner in a law firm, that did not happen. I chose to have a 9 to 5 job in the government as an immigration lawyer so I can attend to my husband and my children. So don't make any mistake women. You cannot have it all and you choose. After you choose, after prayer, be happy with it and live with it.

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